Why we need votes at 16 for ALL elections

March 01, 2018 at 1:34 PM

St David's Day statement – Julie Morgan AM

March 1, 2018

With many young people celebrating St David's Day today, I'm calling for the focus to be on young voters and Votes at 16 for young people in Wales in all elections – including general elections as well as local and Assembly elections.

I'm extremely pleased that from April we are expected to have the power here in Wales to extend the vote to 16 and 17 year olds for Assembly elections as well as local government elections.

 I think we've reached the tipping point in Wales – now we need a final push to get Westminster on track too.

 Now is the moment to push this forward, especially as so many young people have been attracted to the Labour Party and are really engaged in politics. 

As an MP I had a private members' bill in 2008 to bring in votes at 16 and I did a lot of work with young campaigners to get to that point. The bill reached the second reading (sadly it ran out of time) and it then became Labour Party policy which I am very proud of.

 I look forward to this coming in at the Assembly – now we need our Westminster colleagues to push this forward in parliament.

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Why I think we need votes at 16

  • At 16 you can join the Army,
  • At 16 you are liable to pay tax,
  • At 16 you can get married...
  • At 16 you need a say in your country's future!